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« My words are spirit and they are life. »
Jean 6,63


For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not believe, no...


1) Sensation bites neck, solar plexus, in the region of the heart, sometimes burning sensation…


Probably should not see the devil everywhere and practice exorcisms and prayers of liberation lightly...
Saint Padre Pio

Witchery forms

  • The Food spell
  • The spell Direct
  • The spell On Statuette (Dagyde)
  • The spell Back Affective
  • The spell of knotting lanyard
  • The spell in chain
  • The spell Illness or Death
  • The spell Call Forces or Charge
  • The spell For Transfer
  • The spell For Mass Triangular
  • The spell From a place
  • The spell Auto Buff
  • The Evocation spell or By Égrégorique
There are more than 190 operational ritual spells.

Detections spell and symptoms

The witchery detection is possible at the level of symptoms that they can cause. It is still necessary to be extremely cautious regarding the diagnosis.
While some spells can be confused with a nervous breakdown, the reverse is true.
When I am confronted with this problem, I recommend to my consultant to contact a doctor as soon as possible. If after medical treatment, symptoms persist, one can consider a session release that can last several hours depending on the case.

Teachings of Christ

Christ had taught an Apostle demons, numbering 192 are not made ​​of flesh and blood. But in the form of vibrations more or less strong according to their powers. They roam the cosmos and the Exorcist must therefore address these negative forces of the cosmos.

Questionnaire of witchery

1) Do you feel more tired in the morning when you wake up than in the evening when you go to bed?
2) Do you sometimes feel like you are moving in a dream, as if you were in a state of duplication?
3) Do you own antique objects, bought from an antique dealer or an antique dealer: Statuette, dagger, masks: or that you have been offered?
4) Are your green plants healthy or worn out, despite the care you put into them?
5) Have you ever participated in spiritism sessions?
6) Do you feel that the bad luck that suits you is natural?
7) Do you frequent auction rooms, second-hand shops and empty lofts?
8) Do you sometimes wake up at night with the sensation of unpleasant presence, and agonizing?
9) Do you sometimes wake up at night because you feel stings or scratches?
10) Have you ever done yourself or ordered occult works to a mage, sorcerer, or clairvoyant?
11) Do you wear antique jewelry that you do not know origin?
12) In your house, in the past, have there been tragic events: Aggression, murder, torture, suicide, or occult sciences performed?
13) Do you feel a sense of fear when you are at home without the presence of a relative, friend or partner?
14) Do you smell strange smells that appear and disappear abruptly for no reason?
15) Is your home experiencing sudden decreases in temperature for no reason?
16) Do you feel constantly under surveillance?
17) Have you recently given your resignation from a religious or sectarian group?
18) Do you know of jealousies or tenacious rivalries?
19) Do you regularly take sleeping pills or antidepressants?
20) Do you detach yourself from your family without justifiable reason?
21) A recent relationship covers you with gifts intended to decorate your interior: statuettes, pebbles .... Etc. ?
22) Do you feel bad in the periods of the falling moon?
23) Do you have paintings, lithos, sculptures, demons, or tormented scenes in your house?
24) Do you have night sensations touching the body?
25) Have you recently found odd items (hairballs, eggs or anything else) at home or at your place of work?
26) Do you have an attraction for someone who normally indiffers you?
27) Have you profaned a sacred place? On a tomb or a church
28) Have you recently experienced an irrational disgust for your partner?
29) Do you feel bad about yourself when you enter a church?
30) Do the furniture crack abnormally in your home?
31) Do you have in your close relationships a person who practices Voodoo or black magic?
32) Have you ever seen an object move around the room where you were?
33) Have previous tenants of your home or apartment had serious health problems?
34) Do you often have muscle contractures or the impression that your organs are moving in your body?
35) Can you sometimes hear unusual noises (blows, doors slamming without reason) in your housing?
36) Do you often experience uncontrollable rises of anger?
37) Do you have sexual blockages?
38) Do you have painful wrinkles in the solar or cardiac plexus? (Off medical problem)
39) Do you own collection dolls or puppets?
40) Do you often have negative thoughts?
41) Is your house (or building) built near or on the site of an old cemetery?
42) Are you often exhausted for no particular reason?
43) Have you ever used therapeutic hypnosis?
44) Do you practice magic (even white)?
45) Do you have any recurring nightmares in relation to death or anything else?
46) Do you see unexplained machine failures, TV sets, computers, household appliances?
47) Do your light bulbs burn out systematically while the installation is compliant and the mains normal?
48) Do any disagreements or dramas, emotional or professional, ensue with regularity?
49) Do you notice the appearance of marks on your body?
50) Do you see the disaffection of your clientele (for merchants)?
51) Do you have cancellations of important appointments without a valid reason?