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« Nothing is hidden that will not appear in broad daylight. »
Marc 4,22


By Baptism, the person baptized into the Catholic Church and can provide the voice of the Lord Almighty...


The day of death is not no tomorrow but a birth, « Die Natalis », such is the teaching of the church, entering the real...

Thanksgiving Demand

In Catholicism, « grace means benevolence absolutely, from all eternity, God testifies to man in...

Religious Ceremonies


Marriage is a sacrament that Christ raised marriage between the baptized, when the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. The priest calls for God's blessing on the couple and their homes.

The marriage was celebrated publicly and requires the mutual consent of the spouses. Consent is a freely decided and unique engagement. The Catholic Church does not see disunion of a couple and consider a union as spouses until death.
The Catholic Church Gallicane meanwhile accepts remarriage among divorced persons. Just as the people in front demand. The Catholic Church Gallicane, acting so, is no exception to the precepts of the word of God because all persons entering into communion with God right there.

Embodies the love marriage of two people. Love that is extended by the arrival of one (or more) child (ren)

For the religious ceremony in the church, no paper is required. Just make an appointment with the priest. Grooms choose with the help of the priest hymns, songs and promises to share.