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« I have no other happiness than you. »
Psalm 16-15 v.2


For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not believe, no...


The Witchery detection is possible at the level of symptoms that they can cause…


Probably should not see the devil everywhere and practice exorcisms and prayers of liberation lightly...

Symptoms of a witchery

  • Sensation bites neck, solar plexus, in the region of the heart, sometimes burning sensation
  • Impression of weight on the chest or shoulders (Suffocation)
  • Heart palpitations, especially during full moon.
  • Shooting pains in the head during certain periods and preferably in the evening.
  • Anxiety without reason
  • Feeling exhausted without cause, loss of energy, fatigue, rising
  • Weight loss for no reason.
  • Distressing nightmares and repeated with the lunar height.
  • Waking at night with a feeling of presence in the room.
  • Irrational fear when alone
  • Repeated impulses of suicide.
  • Impotence after persistent
    medical consultation.
  • Lack of appetite for sex
  • Feeling of attachment to the body (during sleep)
  • Moving object in the room or in the place where you live.
  • Feeling of being ill at ease when entering a church or swearing against Saintes images or icons in character Religious
  • Become aggressive and rude to his family and friends without valid reasons.
  • Luck in all areas, despite the eagerness, the desire and perseverance, these efforts ended in consecutive failures; especially in the professional field
  • Sudden disgust partner (sometimes reciprocal) in sexual intercourse causing emotional distance.
  • Aches waves or muscle contractures impression that bodies move in the body.
  • Feeling of being watched, watched constantly.
  • Series of inconvenience, problems, bereavement, emotional or professional regularly and especially lunar disasters. Permanent failures.
  • Remoteness relations, friends or disaffection of customers. Loss money repeated etc.
  • Voluntary prostration, sudden abandonment habits (recreation and others) desire to enclose, to fully isolate and not see anyone.
  • Spate of accidents or diseases that doctors do not understand the original reason or healing mode. And sometimes a split personality.
  • People hear very unpleasant voice persecute.