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« Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. »
Psalm 127-126 v.1


For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not believe, no...


The Witchery detection is possible at the level of symptoms that they can cause…


1) Sensation bites neck, solar plexus, in the region of the heart, sometimes burning sensation…

There is mortal sin to oppose Exorcisms

Probably should not see the devil everywhere and practice exorcisms and prayers of liberation lightly! … However, theology, which has a prominent role in the Church, considered a fault, for those who have the care of souls, not to rescue a person subjected to the action of the devil. In this regard, Bishop Auguste Saudreau, who is an author of great value in spirituality, wrote: « Theologians who have addressed these issues ‘ ex professo ', say that there WRONGFUL DEATH for those who have the care of souls not exorcise those possessed. Obviously HE WOULD KILL TO OPPOSE FAULT exorcisms AND DOOR TO PREVENT THAT AID to poor BEINGS who have to undergo a spiritual and physical ordeal as terrible ». (The mystical state and extraordinary facts of the spiritual life, ch. 22 Publishing Brunet Arras) Religious leaders have a grave duty to take account of this theological assertion, which is not a mere opinion more or less likely (!), Which expresses the COMMON EDUCATION set of theologians who have studied this question!…

Evil Influences

In the action of the devil, we must distinguish a ORDINARY way and another EXTRAORDINARY. The first way is for the devil to lead men to sin by temptations; on the second, it may result in the following forms :

  • OBSESSION, which is a result of more violent and prolonged than ordinary temptations temptations.
  • POSSESSION, where the devil really is in the patient's body, instead of its action felt only outside as in obsession.
  • The VEXATION by which the devil can cause problems in health, property, human affections, work, etc..
  • The INFESTATIONS, which can reach different objects, houses, animals.
  • External SUFFERING, assault and abuse, which is found in the lives of saints and devout people.
  • The state ADDICTION demon, the cause is a pact with him.

Before possession is discerned, the devil often causes physical and psychological disorders for which treatments and medications have often ineffective. Among the physical ailments we see that it is mainly the head and stomach are the most affected.
Among the evil influences INCIDENTAL, there have been some psychic anomalies, such as impermeability towards divine values​​, the aversion of the sacred, religious doubt, inability to experience true contrition for sin, failure focus for prayer and reading of Scripture, anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness, profanity, alcohol, immorality, kleptomania, smoking, drug abuse, etc.. Given this diversity of influences evil, that may well be a psychologist? ...
In our permissive world, many become under the influence of the devil, without much notice, by experimenting on the side of magic, witchcraft, occultism, spiritualism, Eastern religions, ignoring dangers they face.
In addition, some may harm others by the intervention of the devil through black magic, curses, the evil eye and spells.

The certainty of Possession

The press from Agence France-Presse, which has been mentioned above, indicates that, under the new Ritual "the exorcist must never perform an exorcism without the 'moral certainty' to find really face the demon "! ... This is a requirement that is more theologically questionable! ...
It should first be noted that the characteristics of a demonic possession signs do not occur continuously; Instead, they almost always appear during or towards the end of an exorcism. Except in the most severe cases, the subject may still possessed attend to his work, to pursue studies in an apparently normal manner, is actually the only one to know the effort it takes him. When is not in the presence of religious influence, possessed not usually attracts attention; On the contrary, it can be nice and discreet! ...
Discernment is often difficult and conjectural and is the exorcism itself to diagnose possession. The three main symptoms of possession, that is to say superhuman strength, speaking in tongues and knowledge of hidden things, does not occur before the exorcism and always for it. It was during the exorcism exorcist gradually discern the gravity of the evil, if it finds is a possession, an obsession, a vexation, and if evil is deeply rooted.
It should be noted that the new Code of Canon Law no longer requires the certainty of the presence of the demon to pronounce an exorcism (can. 1172), as did the old Code (can. 1151).
Besides, why take so much "precautions" to prevent harm to the devil, he is the cause, more or less distant, all the evil that there is in men and on earth? .. . Moreover, according to the testimony of many exorcists, never an exorcism, which was not necessary, did not cause any damage; By cons, they sometimes had to regret failing! ...
In this regard, one can admire the "wisdom" of father Francescau Palau, beatified by Pope John Paul II, April 25, 1988 ... He welcomed the mentally ill and he exorcised ALL: Then those who were sick remaining patients, while possessed were released! ...


Ask a diagnosis is terribly difficult for the priest exorcist; this difficulty taking the finesse appreciation exorcist priest is enhanced because the latter is not a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychoanalyst. The dilemma in which he finds himself to the decision to develop the case as possession or pathology, possession or hysteria (now called transmutation syndrome). Indeed, in both possibilities the effects are very similar, equally spectacular. Moreover, it is precisely this frequency spectacular effects in a large population in a short space of time that will inevitably put a flea in the ear of the priest exorcist. In fact we can distinguish different pathology extraordinarily recall cases of possession: Schizophrenia, Hysteria, bipolar conditions, syndromes of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), epilepsy and distancing, among other things, the feeling of be out of his body. We know that possession cases requiring a large exorcism are very rare. If the diagnosis of disease is made, the exorcist priest should be particularly in the transmission of its conclusions. An abrupt response will have no positive effect and strengthen the subject in its certainty of being under the influence of an evil force. Priest Exorcist will have performed the appropriate rites and advises the person to pray a full Rosary once a day and go to Mass for Communion.

It is clear that the Catholic priests who immediately return to the suffering people shrinks, making a serious mistake in the relationship and the effectiveness of listening. The lack of training is then shouting and is desperate thing. The Priest exorcist, in no case should position themselves higher but instead must feel great sympathy, greater empathy yet, in all cases of compassion for those people looking for life but face the darkness and despair. A simple blessing will not suffice. Speech, soft speech is imperative. This will prevent no guide to a specialist. But back to the case that the fact inwardly smiling or angry, his first move should be to post the alert, for evil is there and rode that could cause irreversible damage such as access to violence, depression or suicide.

The Art of Discernment

Discern means: to distinguish between several things in mind, realize that it is for the priest exorcist to distinguish between several significant points:

  • Possession, Yes Or No
  • Infestation!
  • Spell!
  • Self-spell!
  • If Possession: Pathological Case Net!
  • Possession Evil!
  • Pathology Induced by The Demon!

In short, we guess how many problems to be overcome are considerable. And it is in this mess it will navigate to (which corresponds exactly to the first definition to discern).
The exorcist priest will be helped by signs; first when the person sprinkle holy water. It will react, and at the sight of crucifixes, some pious words. The strange voices, discordant behavior, vomiting objects (most of which dissolve themselves) are all signs of a real possession.