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« All together for good to those who love God. »
Romains 8,28


By Baptism, the person baptized into the Catholic Church and can provide the voice of the Lord Almighty...


Marriage is a sacrament that Christ raised marriage between the baptized, when the marriage covenant between...

Thanksgiving Demand

In Catholicism, « grace means benevolence absolutely, from all eternity, God testifies to man in...

Religious Ceremonies


For the Christian, death is not an end. It is the soul that leaves the body to be allowed into Heaven. The Christian, marked with the seal of faith, will leave a chaotic world where life is imperfect and subject to the temptations of the Evil One. He will find himself in a world with a full life without end.

At the resurrection, all eyes will be opened to the Light of the Divine-known far beyond, enter the peace of God and live in his presence by going to eternal happiness.

The deceased, faith in them, leaving this world without preparation have religious prayer. Prayers to help the soul to detach from material temptations to follow his path to the kingdom of heaven.

These prayers are also afflicted separation for divine grace come to their aid and faith warms their heart.

The day of death is not no tomorrow but a birth, « Die Natalis », Such is the teaching of the Church, an entry in the real life of heaven.