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« If you seek God in the books; in prayer you find it »
Saint Padre Pio


The Witchery detection is possible at the level of symptoms that they can cause…


1) Sensation bites neck, solar plexus, in the region of the heart, sometimes burning sensation…


Probably should not see the devil everywhere and practice exorcisms and prayers of liberation lightly...


For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.

For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.

After studying demonology for many years, with all its tricks and mischief.

We, the priests of God, doing everything possible to thwart his traps.

Most of the black magic comes from Black Africa, Haiti, and the Maghreb.
This « black art » is the art of harm to other humans by demonic powers.

Moral theologians teach that magic (soul-is) can be neutralized by prayer, exorcism, or destruction of the article or the sign which connects with the forces of evil.
But for 99% of cases, patients are victims of bewitchment pollution (heavy support).

But the possession occurs during the ritual prayer because the entity tries to hide.
In case of violent protests, the Exorcist must place his trust in God.
Possession may remain well hidden, especially if it begins in early childhood.
n such cases, someone chosen by the Lord, can identify the apparent condition quite by accident. This is what happened in the life of Saint Parthenius, a bishop of the fourth century.
Today, even the demons are put to the page and they became so quiet we believe they are gone, they are gone. But so they can work more at ease in the discretion, and win souls in wins easily.
You should know that we exorcists, which leaves us a moment of freedom. A crowd of thirsty souls of Jesus falls on us; and we let our health.