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« You have received a lot of good things in your life, and her much pain. »
Luc 16,25


For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not believe, no...

Religious ceremonies

Religious ceremonies bring into communion God and his "children." The Holy Spirit is called by the Holy Trinity.


Transmission priesthood since Apostolic times (historical epoch of the Apostles which establish the Church of Christ...


The denier of the Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ faithful,

Know that the Church since the separation with the State no longer receive subsidies or state or local governments.
But to complete his tasks, duties and obligations see, you can take to help the longevity of your and our Church of Christ either by donations or by leagues.
We also inform you that La Chapelle is a non-profit association of 1901 law.
We remain at your disposal and will receive in exchange for prayers of thanksgiving according to your demands and your most urgent needs.

We wish you Peace, Harmony and Light!

Father Eric

Your donations by check

You can send your checks to:

  • Chapelle Saint Expedit & Padre Pio
  • 5, rue Tracastel
  • 06130 Grasse
  • France
Make your check payable to:
  • Eric Bottalico

Your donations by bank

Association Saint Expedit & Saint Padre Pio

Siret 822 148 615 00013

IBAN FR76 3000 3015 0900 0372 6008 632