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« Blessed are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice. »
Luc 11,28


The Witchery detection is possible at the level of symptoms that they can cause…


1) Sensation bites neck, solar plexus, in the region of the heart, sometimes burning sensation…


Probably should not see the devil everywhere and practice exorcisms and prayers of liberation lightly...


We find a crude example of this type of curse in the fourteenth century.

Mother, severely irritated by his son, knelt and told him:

I offer you this curse, and one of my breasts that nourished it, and that of my body that you gave birth to you; whatever the law that I have on you, and all of you I gave birth, All this I turn to the Devil.

With this, the son is dropped. Shortly after, the signs of possession have been observed.

The curses involved in the life of a man or a woman for (the) mark for life. They are expressed by decay, failure, repeated in all the areas and various health ailments failure. In the context of a disease caused by the curse, science proves its limits. For evildoers words cause pain.

The loss of confidence is a cause that curse built in the life of a man or a woman or a child. It is manifested by a lack of peace and insecurity in the victim and loss of natural joy and self-assurance and causes the decrease without limit in all projects; marriage, starting a business, consider a child exams or hold a position of responsibility. And even with all perseverance and hard efforts will result in successive failures. In finality, the curse is to make the victim a prisoner in his life. This is characterized as an invisible spider web that envelops you like a butterfly fell into it.

The strength of a curse is to divert the person or the goals it would be fixed. It affects his environment, his home, his workplace, his wife or his girlfriend, his sex life, his children, his parents, friends and those who might help him and is so powerful that the cursed subject is rejected by his family and environment. The powers of curse can go to the elimination of all family members or his animals; it can be stripped of all his possessions, and lead to suicide.