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« I came that they may have life. »
Jean 10,10


Wedding is a sacrament that Christ raised wedding between the baptized, during the wedding covenant between a man and a woman...


The day of death is not no tomorrow but a birth, « Die Natalis », such is the teaching of the church, entering the real...

Thanksgiving demand

In Catholicism, « grace means benevolence absolutely, from all eternity, God testifies to man in...

Religious Ceremonies


Baptism is a sacrament (the catechumen) that unites those who ask Christ by immersion in water or by the flow of water on the head for purification. This is a union with Christ in his death and resurrection. For the child who is born, Baptism is the protection of the Divine Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, against the attacks of the evil.

During the immersion, the priest invokes the Holy Trinity, I baptize thee "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"...

By Baptism, the person baptized into the Catholic Church and can provide the voice of the Lord Almighty to people lack of faith or the lost sheep.

Later, baptism may be renewed by the « Profession of Faith » that the Church celebrates the Easter Vigil.

The three attributes of baptism are :

  • Make a new Christian
  • Attach his soul to his Guardian Angel
  • Open his first Chakra by the sign of the cross at the top of the skull (by citing the term « Ephétha » the priest said 3 times which means « Open yourself »)

Yes, the Christian through baptism in Jesus resurrected, he was elevated to a supernatural life, he acquired the beautiful glorious hope to sit on the Throne Celestial.
What Dignity! His vocation asked to always aspire to the home of the blessed, to consider themselves as a pilgrim on a land of exile; the vocation of Christian requires not heed to the things of this world ; all due care, the study of the good Christian who lives according to his vocation, tends to acquire eternal goods; he should think about the things of this world as to estimate and appreciate those who help to have eternal goods; he must then despise all those who do not help them.

Gregory also said : « Be convinced of the greatness and holiness of the sacrament, since Jesus himself tells you that no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without having been regenerated by water and the Spirit ».
It is through baptism that we are indeed purified tasks our first birth.